What is Ruby Notebook?


The Ruby Notebook is here to help you step by tiny step find your way home.

When you were little you knew your way. You knew what you wanted to be when you grew up. You were completely sure you could be an actor or a circus clown or a doctor. You didn’t listen to anyone who told you it was very hard to become an actor or it would take a lot of work to be a doctor. You didn’t notice when they laughed at your dream to be a clown.

Then you grew up. And although you no longer wanted to be a clown you did still have some clown-like ideas about how you wanted to live in the world. As you got older the things other people said about your clown dream came back to you and they distorted your feelings about the way you really wanted to be living in the world.

You listened to their anti-clown talk and decided they were right, they knew the right thing for you. So you forgot about the clown and studied hard and you became successful at the right thing. But it doesn’t feel like the right thing, does it? That’s because its not your right thing. Time to go back to the clown idea? Well, kinda… time to go back to little you when you dreamed of being a clown or a doctor or an actor. Little you was using the dream to define and nourishing the way you really wanted to be living in this world.

There is no need to worry if you don’t know what you really want. The Ruby Notebook is here to help you step by tiny step find your way back home.

Ruby Notebook’s purpose is to remind you of what you already know. With stories, and encouragement. Encouragement to surround yourself with the things you love, to put your attention on what energises you from the inside and to remind you to make this your starting point each day.

Are you ready to find your way home?